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Thursday, July 31, 2008 { 1:16 PM }

Yesterday went to sch for de INE presentation. Our group was de weakest in presentation. LOL! Went home for mahjong again till 11.

Today woke up in de morning but went back sleep again. Standard routine already. Haha. Nth much today. Went to West Mall with ES, Jian An and gary for dinner. Went home after that.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008 { 8:16 AM }

WHA LAO EH! SIAO LIAO LA! LECTURER FOUND OUT THAT I EDITED DE MC! Wad to do now? Hope he won do anything bad.

Monday, July 28, 2008 { 12:08 PM }

I guess u are living better without me ba. Much more happier without me.


Sunday, July 27, 2008 { 5:30 PM }

Well, NO night life for this week. Sibei sian, nth to do. Went VIVO with ES and Jian An with HF and Ah Da joining us later. Bought a hoody and a FOX shirt. FOX is having a 50% storewide sale. Went to gombak and slacked at S11 after shopping.

Saturday, July 26, 2008 { 8:00 PM }


{ 5:05 AM }

Well, u had been lying to me again and again. I am getting tired from it already. Why are u doing all this ?

Thursday, July 24, 2008 { 11:21 PM }

Haven been blogging this few days. Tuesday is always a boring day. Mahjong whole day again. Wednesday. I planned to go sch in de morning and after sch go soccer with Jian An. But morning wake up see de sky was going to rain heavily already, so go back sleep again. LOL! So went to soccer in de afternoon and came home sleep all de way until now. I am having a bad sore throat. So going to get MC later. Haha.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 { 1:15 PM }

Well, woke up early for sch today. LOL. First time in a few weeks already. BUT! I REACH SCH ALREADY, WALKED TO CLASS. PRACTICAL LESSON FINISH! WTF!! Then called Ah Da. He ponned and come accompany me. So I went home and meet up with him. Passed him de PSP memory stick. After that, 12+ go back sch for lecture. And he came into my class too. After that, went century played billiard. My aiming deproved alot already. I guess, when a person is on form is when that person is happy. My happy times had passed once again. Well, Daniel came my house there and slacked until now.


Monday, July 21, 2008 { 2:39 PM }

Should I just leave quietly and forget u ? Or should I stay and make u mine ? Wad should I do ? My mind says leave, but my heart wan to make u mine. Found out smth that u had lied to me. I guess u don wan to be mine ?

Should guys treat de girls they love good or bad ? Treat them good they take u for granted. Treat them bad they don wan u. In de end, the results are de same. Sometimes I wonder izzit I treat u not good enough.

U said u are not a good girl, so why did I liked u so much. Do I need a reason to like u ?

Sunday, July 20, 2008 { 8:44 PM }

Today morning supposed to meet Jian An go Toa Payoh for de F1 job interview. But i slept at 3+ last night; waiting for someone's call but she also never call. Woke up at 1 then faster chiong bath then meet up with Jian An. Took bus to panjang then change bus to Toa Payoh. After we reached, we walked to MOS Burger and waited for Yuh Li. She arrived then we took de lift up to 3rd storey. We filled up de application form and got interviewed. The person-in-charge said will call us and confirm again. But de pay is 4/hr. DAMN LOW!

After de interview, we slacked outside MOS burger while waiting for GARY's call. He told me to go down Dhoby Ghaut. So walked to de interchange and see wad bus to take since Jian An and I got bus concession; MUST make full use of it. Yuh Li went home while we go down and meet them.

We missed de stop and walked a long way to Plaza Singapura. Met up already walked to Park Mall since Jessica said she wanted to eat sushi. After that took 190 to Far East since Jessica said she wanted to wash her 2 COACH wallets. We reached already but de shop was closed already. I guess we need to go back Far East again one day. LOL! De 2 girls ( Jessica and Yvonne ) shopped while we guys ( Jian An, ES, Gary and I ) followed them. Around 8+ HF came and Daniel was early today. HAHA! Meet up with Lorenzo, Yong Chen and Jessmin for awhile.
Was looking for a hoody but didnt found a suitable one.

After a LONG discussion, we ended up at Boat Quay. And here I am, blogging. LOL!

Well, sometimes I really don know wad u are thinking. U blew hot and cold to me. De feeling really sucks. All I wan is to just get a glimpse of u, a hug from u.

{ 8:24 PM }

This video is JIAN AN'S forfeit; that time forget to put

Saturday, July 19, 2008 { 3:57 PM }

WOO! Went to sch today. But before going sch, went bedok and passed someone her's breakfast which i made it myself. Wondering if she likes it or not. Woke up at 615 and started making it.

Sch was boring; as usual. After SCH went to mambo and played pool with my bestie Michelle. Raced to 7 and i won 7-5. Haha. Met up with de BONDERS at my sch 5pm. Went to eat at Ngee Ann alumi again. While we were finishing our foods, HF found a insect in his chicken. BONDERS insisted him to complain to de staffs. Went to play board games again! 10pm and de guard said its gonna close already. So went to BPP starbucks and bond. Going home already, but some wanna go toilet. Yvonne said de toilet is dark and wanted someone to accompany her and i brought Yuh Ting to accompany her.

CCB! I go ge kiang and see de toilet. KAN SI LANG ORH AND GOT A BLOODY MIRROR THERE! FUCK! SI BEI GIA LANG! My balls jitao shrink! Woo! Jitao don dare go home alone! But here i am posting means i am safely home. LOL!

Friday, July 18, 2008 { 10:12 AM }

Had my routine again; wake up in de morning but don feel like going sch. haha. had to go for de afternoon's practical already if not kena DEBAR. Woke up at around 11, helped my father burn de joss paper. Went to wash up and prepare to go sch. Met Daryl, HF and Ye Shun at smoking corner. Walked up to class. Nth special today. BORED BORED BORED!
OH YA! Few of my friends had passed their driving tests already ( Yuh Li, Yvonne, TT, Lorenzo and Yin Mei ) Few coming up ( Jessica, HF, Jian An ) Good luck to Jessica for tmr driving test!

Tmr is friday already. Wondering how will that person feel when i passed her de stuffs that i am going to make. Will she like it ?

Thursday, July 17, 2008 { 2:45 PM }

Morning wake up don feel like going sch again. This is de routine for de past 2 weeks. PONNED de morning lectures. After that around 11, HF called and asked me go sch. Lol. Evening meet up with HF, ES, Jessica, Jian An and Ah Da for dinner at Ngee Ann Alumni. The food there was not bad but its very salty and its much more cheaper than RP's House of Lobster. Decided to go our space and play board games. We played JENGA(something like uno stacko) and Jessica dropped it. She did a forfeit which is to frog jump from one end to de room to de other end. We THE GUYS were laughing all de way. LOL. After that we changed game to some animal game. We had laughter all de way. Daniel and HF had to lick de wall as they had lost. We changed game again. Now to Taboo. Jessica, Jian An and I were in 1 group, the other 3 another group. We lost coz of that FAT! Sad already we had to do a forfeit below.
Daniel and HF licking de WALL!

after all that laughter, got back home. step in de house jitao tio kan already. my parents had found out that i spent de money in de bank.
Friday is COMING already. Feeling excited by de thought of it. HAHA!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 { 9:18 PM }

Stayed home mahjong whole day. Actually was planning to go out with someone. But something happened, so find people mahjong. Woke up in de morning around 11 then play 4 rounds. Today is a boring day. School lecturer called and asked if i am still continuing studying and asked me to get a MC for de CAM practical lesson. Lol. How am i supposed to get a MC for last thursday ?

Seeing that someone in this state really hurts me alot.

{ 10:45 AM }

Well, woke up in de morning. But don feel like going sch, so went back to sleep again. haha. HF called then i wake up and he asked me if i am in sch. After washing up, i went to meet him and went sch. Lessons are boring. During AEL, de lecturer said to have make-up practicals on 5pm. WTF. so last min can. go for de practical until 630 and went back home. just ate dinner but not nice de.

Should i just forget u and let u go ? U're hurting me, i doubt u know that.

Monday, July 14, 2008 { 2:14 PM }

First time blogging. at home super bored, nth to do then come and cr8 a blog. haha.
last night went to TH house and MJ. reached home 7+ then sleep at 8am. woke up 8pm.
sleep for 12 hrs but still feeling very tired. wake up already then come online and decided to cr8 this blog. GuaiGuai assisted me in cr8ing of this blog. THANKS GUAIGUAI!