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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 { 10:35 AM }

I am sorry for everything I had done.
I failed in being a good bf.
Maybe its like wad willy had said, I am those humji de ba.
Our 20/09/2009 dream is over.

Everyone had theirs ups and downs.
My ups are being with u these past 24 days.
Rewind back to de past, glad that u were there to meet vincent too.
These past 24 days are memorable for me.

We rode bicycle, and u were de first girl who let me carried.
We were playing around, laugh together, hooking each others leg dancing around, being bullied by u.
I will remember it de.

Still remember de first night I went to ton with u ?
We rode bicycle, that was de first time a girl let me carried.
After that went to marsiling, gladys suddenly asked me ' wan sleep with meiyan ? '

Still remember when was de first laugh we had ?
It was on de train when u looked at me and laughed.
De last was when my leg is numb and u carried me.

Hope u won dislike CAT because of me.

I promise I took a long time and great difficulty to write this post.



Monday, September 29, 2008 { 3:10 PM }

Sunday morning went to West Coast park to see de sunrise.
But didnt managed to see as trees and buildings are blocking it.

Found out smth big.
Didnt expect both of them would do this kind of thing to me.
Don know how should i feel.
Angry or Sad ?

Sunday, September 28, 2008 { 3:06 AM }

Reached home at 7+ this morning,
chionged story mode for baby before going sleep.

slept through de whole afternoon,
woke up in de evening around 7.

wanted to see u badly
but u told me other day

Saturday, September 27, 2008 { 4:53 AM }

Haven been updating for a few days already.

Wondering wad my mummy is thinking sia,
Ask me don go out at night, then i stay at home
don let me use computer.
Bo bian lo, everytime tou tou run out. =x.

To that passer-by : i am not sure who u are,
But let me find out, i will make sure u cui.
U say me not good nvm. I lun. But u say my gf.
Nia eh. Type your name out. Don hide behind keyboard.

Baby, I shed my tears for u yet again.
Though i didnt see it with my own eyes,
Hearing it is hurting enough.

Monday, September 22, 2008 { 2:51 AM }

No mood to do anything.
No appetite to eat.
Cant sleep too.

Sunday, September 21, 2008 { 9:08 PM }

Our relationship is going down de wrong side coz of a few things that I had done.
I don wish for all these things to happen.
My friend asked me: U looking for long-term or short-term ?
Me: Of course long-term 1 la. If not stead for wad.

My heart hurts when u said THAT.
It really hurts.
I shed my tears for u yet again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008 { 1:08 AM }

I suppose everything is ok between us.

Had our laughter, everything again.

And u did this to my fingers!

U said 12 must leave your house;
we chatted till 1130 then both toh together.
Luckily I woke up at 250 to leave your house in time.
Don wan u kena nagged by your mummy.

Reached home at around 4.
Sleep all de way to 12.
Nth to do now.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008 { 4:31 AM }

Didnt went home today again today.
WILLY going surrender tmr so went marsiling see him.
Came back to GLADYS house.

Well, since u decided already; why still ask ?
I know I cant do anything about it.
If u are happy with it, just go ahead ba.

Love YAN!

Monday, September 15, 2008 { 8:42 PM }

Went to Marsiling and to ton.
But BABY need to go Geylang for her bai bai de things.
In de middle of de night, BABY suddenly dulan me sia.
Went home to get some sleep before going to work in de afternoon.

Met-up with HF, ES and Yvonne to work.
As usual, many banglas queueing up for de top up card.
Got 1 PR nationality STATELESS and 1 bangla using Suny Ericssun.

Went to meet up with BABY, GLADYS, RAY and WILLY at Blk 3.
Reached Blk 3 already, then a fire broke out.
First time see a fire broke out.
After that went to 136 and had my dinner.
Saw Ah Boii at 136, then we all slack together.

Went to de basketball court and play candles.

Starting to play line catching then suddenly someone shouted " all come here all come here "
See already stunned sia, is 2 policeman.
1 malay, 1 chinese.
De malay 1 fucking guai lan sia. Knn.
They actually wanted to arrest us for playing candles coz just now a fire just broke out.
Then they brought up us to de fire scene.
Everything is black black de.

We still help de police put de wrap around de scene.

A misunderstanding happen then we all almost kena locked up.
At de void deck, de malay police lecture us.
Everything sua sua ki.
Went to 136 slack awhile then come to GLADYS de house koon.

A cold war happened just now. I also don know wad happen.
Then 5 hours never talk to BABY.
Wake up already then talk talk talk; play play play until now.
Came to update after that.

060908 <3

Saturday, September 13, 2008 { 8:30 PM }

So long never sick already, today jitao sick.
De feeling totally sucks.
Doubt anyone like to be sick.

Midnight 1am ; brought BABY, GLADYS, RAY and WILLY up to my house after BABY complained about slacking at de stairs.
In de morning, starting to have headache already. Went out to take medicine then my parents came out asked who inside my room.
I said 2 guys 2 girls; she started scolding me. Wad is wrong with bringing girls home ?
I really don understand that.

Raining heavily but BABY said wanna go back already.
We 5 walked in de rain and I was shivering when we reached de LRT station.
Took MRT to GLADYS house.
THANKS RAY for cooking de noodle for me before taking de panadol.

Went to sleep after taking de panadol.
Around 10am, BABY reached GLADYS house and started to ka jiao me.
I woke up then she went play AUDI.
I continue with my sleep; sleep sleep sleep until evening 7pm.
Cabbed home.

BABY, though I might not be de perfect bf u looking for.
But I will be de one who will love u, make u laugh.
060908 0944pm <3

Friday, September 12, 2008 { 3:35 AM }

Been working like a bangla this few days.
Carry office furnitures; carry already still need to fix.
Sibei jialat. Today almost fainted sia. Not sure izzit cause of not enough sleep ? Nobody knows.

This morning 630am. BABY called. I thought something happened, pick up already, RAY answered and ask me on my computer and go Audi cpl BABY. WHA LAN EH! Though its a good thing, BUT AR! CAN CHOOSE A BETTER TIMING OR NOT!
maybe coz of this i nearly faint. =x

Just came out from Audi. 1 XiaoMeiMei anyhow say i ask her be my mei when i was with my BABY on Tuesday. LOL! Wad a joke sia.

BABY say 20 09 2009 go ROM if we can last so long. Lets wait and see.
20 10 2010 have 1 small Russia. LOL!

060908 is LoveD.
YAN is LoveD.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 { 2:03 AM }

Starting de 3rd week of holidays already. Yet, I am still NUA-ing here. Don feel like working sia. Only wanna PLAY PLAY and still PLAY. Been at Woodlands tonning these few days; think i will be dead quite soon with all these tonning. BUT! Its worth it.

On that fateful night, 060908; I was emoing with smth. After that, she told me 4 words : 我喜欢你! I was still emoing. But after some counselling from GLADYS, I pop up with the question and this phrase, 我爱你 你是我的茱丽叶 我愿意变成你的粱山伯.


After that went downstairs to have dinner. Tried 'LA-LA'; put inside mouth and jitao PUI out. Bought 6 bottles of Carlsberg up to Ray's house and slack there.

I have my doubts. But I know we can do it. I don wanna fail again. It sucks. I trust u, I know u won do it. I believe I can cut down clubbing for u too. xD

Friday, September 5, 2008 { 9:12 PM }

Well, came to update my blog after hearing someone said that i didnt update. And, to that someone, I AM SINGLE!

Monday slept in de morning after club. Woke up in de evening went to play mahjong at TH's house.

Tuesday got 2 clubbing events. BUT! Both de events cannot make it. NO MUCH PPL! After that, decided to go disco at Orchard. Quite fun i must admit.

After reaching home at around 6, sleep sleep sleep until afternoon. Went online and Vincent jioed me to his house and ton. Was thinking whether to go Phuture or his house. After much consideration, went his house. Bought a bottle of Martell; drank almost 3/4 of it. =x. There was a slight problem in de beginning but after Vincent and Me managed to convince THAT SOMEONE to stay, went back to his house to slack.

THAT SOMEONE keep asking us to swim de next day. Well, we did when me and vincent didnt really wanted to. We both wear nice nice like going to chiong then we go swimming. WTF. After that, THAT SOMEONE asked me to ton. I was fucking tired already. BUT I still agreed. Went home to change, slack awhile then go down find THAT SOMEONE already. Rode bicycle to see someone fight. LOL! It was de first time i rode a girl with bicycle. THAT SOMEONE kept complaining that i was slow. Then i chiong lo. THAT SOMEONE SCARED! LOL! After finish watching de show, went to slack and went home in de morning to get some rest for singing with THEM.

Actually was going for de early bird package (11am - 2pm) at Civic Plaza Party World. BUT AR! Someone couldnt get to wake up, hor GLADYS ? LOL! In de end, went in de afternoon. Sing until 6 and had dinner. THAT SOMEONE then showed me that my blog says i am ATTACHED. I reach home faster come see and its STRIKE not UNDERLINE! Your phone lousy la. Anyhow only. Still show GLADYS don know wad at my blog.

Now thinking whether to go find THAT SOMEONE.

Well, 2nd week of holidays gone. I still havent try to find a job. It was all playing these 2 weeks. Must faster go find a job liao. If not cannot get to buy my stuffs.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 { 12:36 AM }

De past week is one of de most fun and tiring week i had before.
Monday - steal car.
Tuesday - good boy.
Wednesday - Phuture
Thursday - good boy.
Friday - PowerHouse.
Saturday - Boat Quay.
Sunday - PLAY.